PVC Bean Trellis

After completing the Tomato Trellis Project, we were inspired to use the same materials to support our growing pole beans. Our bean bed is 10 feet long and 1 foot wide. We wanted to build a vertical trellis along the entire length of the bed using vertical strings rather than the horizontal ones used for the tomatoes. I can’t wait to see how these beautiful heirloom tendril peas climb up each string over the course of the summer.

Because we already had the PVC and cordage, the only materials we had to buy were:

Spray Paint PVC

Total cost for us: $14 (After shopping around for the best prices at local hardware stores)

Additionally, the structure is something that we can reuse for many years of beans in the future. If you divide that $14 investment over five years of use, that’s less than $3 per year. I call that a bargain!

Other materials you will have to buy of you can’t salvage them like we did:

Cut Cord
  • Appropriate lengths of 1/2 in. PVC (we used two 5 ft. sections for the top of the frame and three 6 ft. sections for the sides and middle support)

  • Some kind of cordage (we used plastic cordage that Joe uses for his business, but you can use twine or other study string or rope)

The tools we used were:

  • Circular Saw to cut the PVC

  • Power Drill to drill holes in the PVC

  • Sledge Hammer


Weave Cord Through Hole
  1. Cut 2-5 ft. lengths of 1/2 in. PVC

  2. Cut 3-6 ft. lengths of 1/2 in. PVC

  3. Drill every 6 in. through each 5 ft. length

  4. Drill about 3 inches from the end of each 6 ft. length

  5. Spray paint all the pieces including the fittings

  6. Cut 7 ft. lengths of cord (I had to cut 18 pieces)

  7. Weave 1 cord through each hole in the 5 ft length of PVC, using a knot to secure each one

  8. Use sledge hammer or mallet to drive rebar into the ground at both ends of the bed and smack dab in the middle

  9. Cut a 12 ft. piece of cordage (It’s easier to work with extra than be short)

    Weave One Cord Through Each Hole and Knot
  10. Weave cord through holes in one 6 ft. length of PVC and secure it with a knot

  11. Place the PVC over an end-piece of rebar, with the holes and string toward the bottom

  12. Place the other two 6 ft. lengths over each piece of rebar with holes toward the bottom

  13. Weave the cord through the holes of the other two vertical PVC pieces and secure on the other end with a knot

  14. Attach the fittings to each vertical piece (the elbows pointing inward on each end piece and the “T” in the middle)

  15. Secure the 2 5 ft. pieces between each end piece and the middle, making sure that the strings are hanging downward

    Weave String Through Bottom Holes of Frame
  16. Once the PVC frame is secure, Tie each vertical string to the horizontal string at the bottom

  17. Encourage each pea plant to climb up its own individual cord

The whole project took two to three hours to complete. It’s such a pretty, functional and affordable addition to our garden, and I’m so excited to use it for years to come. We will post pictures as these beauties make their way up the strings.

Finished Bean Trellis



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