DIY Poison Ivy Spray

We have two dogs who love running up and down the fence line. Unfortunately, the fence line is riddled with poison ivy. The dogs, then covered in poison ivy oils, prance, roll, sleep, and cuddle with us around the house. This is how we contract the dreaded poison ivy rash.Spray Ingredients

Though we definitely want the poison ivy dead, we need to do it in a non-toxic way so that our dogs don’t get sick from the spray. That is how we came upon this amazingly simple solution!

All of the ingredients found in this DIY poison ivy spray are non-toxic and available in most households.

Non-Toxic Spray Ingredients:

  • 1 Gallon Water

  • 1 Cup Salt

  • 1 Tablespoon Dish Soap


Mix these ingredients into a spray bottle that you use ONLY for the purpose of killing weeds and label it properly so you don’t confuse it with fertilizer or plant spray. Swish the bottle, but don’t shake it to mix. Otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of soap bubbles!

Use the spray feature of the dispenser to spray the leaves of the ivy plant. Completely saturate the leaves top and bottom if possible. From what I understand, the solution works because the dish soap causes the salt to stick to the leaves, then the leaves absorb the salt and take it into the roots. The salt kills the ivy from the roots, which is way more effective than just cutting the plant down.

And with this method, you don’t even have to touch the nasty stuff!

It was suggested to me that Dawn brand dish soap works best for some reason, but I have tried a couple different brands depending on what I have on hand, and they all seem to be effective.

I’ve posted some “before” pictures and will try to post some “after” pictures in a couple days when the leaves turn yellow then shrivel. But in the mean time, I hope this helps prevent some of the summer itches…

And helps you enjoy your summer puppy cuddles as much as we do!

Buddy and Bella 7-1-18

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